012 – Towards an Ecology of Care

November 2017


Ian Robert Coxon (Charles Sturt University)
Craig Bremner (Charles Sturt University)


The Ecology of Care (EoC) as a field of research and practice originated in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. It was designed to research and promote the concept of Care (the prioritising of Human needs). Care is essentially about tackling societal challenges from a human and ecological point of view, something of a reversed perspective on the current paradigm driven by liberal Capital. We see this as an extraordinary opportunity for real and useful innovation on a global scale. An Ecology of Care examines the fundamental reasons why and how we do what we used to do naturally in an increasingly unnatural world. In this artificial condition the Ecology of Care provides many new opportunities before the future is foreclosed.

This special issue stems from the Ecology of Care Congress in 2016 where very different professional fields were brought together to share how they see care operating within their disciplines (or how in their fields care is disciplined). This issue of fusion presents six very diverse ways of observing care. Other presentations at the EoC Congress probed care (and carelessness) from diverse positions and many of these will be followed up in subsequent disseminations; they include perspectives from health, peace and conflict studies, global sustainability, social economics and design. In this issue we are very happy to be hosting contributions from a broad spectrum of presenters from the Congress, that offer unique perspectives on Care.


Download the complete issue | Issue 12 – Towards an Ecology of Care


Editorial: Towards an Ecology of Care
Ian Robert Coxon and Craig Bremner

Reviewed Articles

Care as human Being: Introducing a new field of study and practice
Ian Robert Coxon

Non-reviewed Articles

Care in healthcare
Ian Hargraves

Robotics and Care: A personal engineering journey
Anders Stengaard Sørensen

Why not just lie? Tips on “trust” from (gulp) US political campaigns; aka successful ways to communicate persuasively
Harriett Levin Balkind

Personal development: A voyage of discovery
Allan Barton

Stormy weather in healthcare: A new ecology
Jane Clemensen, Pernille Ravn Jakobsen, Charlotte Myhre Jense, Kristina Garne Holm and Mette Rothmann

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