016 – Engaging Technologies in Practices

December 2019


Eleanor Gates-Stuart (Charles Sturt University, Australia)


This sixteenth issue of Fusion Journal focuses on how researchers engage with technologies in their practices, utilising digital entrepreneurship, technology transfer and data information in shifting ways for redefining traditional creative perspectives, visualisation and activities in creating visual narratives/storytelling. The call for content was driven from a question asked in relation to the wider visibility of the creative industries, particularly in and amongst a range of university disciplines as far reaching as science, engineering and agriculture – an interesting question given that collaborative research practices exist in many cross-disciplinary areas and much of our practice is an intersection of cross-references. However, it is a timely question, as engaging technologies fuse creative innovation, and its visibility can be extremely effective but can also seem hidden.

The use of technologies in research is not necessarily a new direction; however, as these technologies widen our capabilities in the communication and understanding of models of practice, the complexities are enriched, increasing our knowledge and impact, connectivity and conceptual development. This special issue of Fusion Journal aims to increase our understanding of these new practices from differing perspectives and to support interdisciplinary research; for instance, this issue brings together four very different articles, addressing the creative application of technology in cross-disciplinary practice as well as being embedded, processed and enriched as an artistic outcome. The authors may seem similar in addressing personal perspectives in their unique systems of artistic knowledge that is the integrity and the challenge of visualising and communicating complex information; yet the underlining technologies in their practice present monumental perspectives and achievement evident through these works.


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Editorial: Underlining technologies in research practice utilising digital entrepreneurship in creating visual narratives/storytelling
Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Reviewed Articles

Painting with pixels: The art of communication using animation and visual effects
Andrew Hagan

Evoking memories: Displacing the fear of technology
Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Marguerite Bramble, Rafael de Lima, Bernard Higgins, Coralie McKenzie, Samantha Dowdeswell, Robert Lewis and Sarah Redshaw

From storyboard to practice: My Virtual Operating Room
Zeynep Taçgın

Night and day – 7 months
Bärbel Ullrich

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