010 – fusion – Land Dialogues: Interdisciplinary research in dialogue with land

Issue 10:
LAND DIALOGUES: Interdisciplinary Research in Dialogue with Land

– Date of publication Monday December 19th.
– Editors: Christopher Orchard, Dr Neill Overton, James Farley & Dr Craig Bremner.

Original conference documents can be found here.


A quick note: The editors have made a deliberate editorial decision to include a range of academic and non-academic voices in this edition of fusion-journal. Similarly the voices range across a vast expanse of career lengths; from current PhD candidates, to members of the professoriate.

These collected works come from across Australia, and further around the world. This is the selected and collated writing and creative/other works that has since arisen out of the inaugural Land Dialogues Conference in April 2016.

The conference was three days of presentations of interdisciplinary scholarship by researchers and artists working in dialogue with, within or about land. The conference covers diverse and divergent approaches to the key thematic phrase ‘Land Dialogues’ and especially encourage interdisciplinary attitudes to place/space and human/non-human convergence discourses.


  • Analysis or application of existing or emergent dialogues with land in indigenous, pre-colonial, post-colonial and anti-colonial contexts.
  • Explorations of the limits (or perceived limits) of sustainment principles, sustainabilities, ecologies and agriculture.
  • New/Old Frontiers, Land and the Digital and explorations of, or reflections on potentials for new topographies including data visualisations in relationship to land.
  • Experimental or experiential works or non-standard items including exhibition or performance towards dialogue with land.


Table of Contents

Peer Reviewed Papers – Download all written papers (Combined PDF 140mb and 640pages)

Peer Reviewed Creative Works

Non Reviewed Works

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A note on contributor biographies and affiliations: the documents presented here do not contain contributor biographies. Original biographies and can be found here alongside the original paper abstracts. Any questions or journal and conference enquiries can be forwarded to landdialogues@csu.edu.au

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