Painting with pixels: The art of communication using animation and visual effects

Andrew Hagan

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Animation and visual effects are leading disciplines for creating high-fidelity imagery that would otherwise be impossible to film or physically replicate in motion. A continually evolving art form founded upon a rich history of pre-digital traditions, it is theoretically possible to visually represent any concept with a capacity to enrich communication, increase focus, knowledge, empathy, impact, conceptual development and connectivity in ways not yet imagined. This article presents a personal account of how visual effects theory is interdependent with practical application and explores how the art and technology can be applied to interdisciplinary fields that have non-traditional creative perspectives on visualisation and activities in visual narratives/storytelling.


Animation; Visual Effects; VFX; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; 3D

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Hagan, Andrew. “Painting with Pixels: The Art of Communication Using Animation and Visual Effects.” Fusion Journal, no. 16, 2019, pp. 5-22.

First published online: December 2019

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