Sip My Ocean: Immersion, senses and colour

Wendy Haslem

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Pipilotti Rist’s exhibition Sip My Ocean at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (2017-18) is a dynamic example of screen culture in transition. Rist’s aim is to create work that “rethinks the nature of video art itself” and she does this by presenting images and narratives that occupy a space that intersects art, film, sculpture and photography. In Sip My Ocean screens do not only appear on walls, but by extending and reducing screen ratios they also appear on ceilings and floors. Rist’s video art highlights the use of extreme scale and expressive colour to include and immerse the viewer, destabilising traditional patterns of perception. Extreme screens and heightened aesthetics offer the potential to map the movement of ideas across time, screens, aesthetics and disciplinary boundaries.


Feminist Film Theory; Video Art; Pipilotti Rist; New Media; Screens; Aesthetics; Colour

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First published online: December 2018

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