Call For Content

Listening in the Anthropocene

Guest editors: Jennifer Munday, Bärbel Ullrich, Michelle O’Connor, Cassily Charles, Tracy Sorensen, Louisa Waters

Deadline for abstracts: 31 May 2020
Deadline for full papers: 27 August 2020

In this edition of Fusion Journal we wish to explore the act of listening to the land, to others, to difference, as encountered in embodied and virtual spaces. We especially encourage contributions that represent creative practice as well as more traditional text-based articles. How might we attempt to interpret what is being said in languages we do not understand? How might we resist – even if just for a moment – adding our own sounds to the noises of the neoliberal project of the anthropocene: the clashing music of the shopping mall, the automated voice, the shock jock, the celebrity, the power tools, the leaf blowers, the bulldozers, the mining blasts. How might we listen out, or tune in, to the small, the subtle, the unnoticed, the dying, the unusual, the banal, the mad, the unexpected?

For more information: Listening in the Anthropocene Call for Content

This special issue will be published in early 2021.

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