Prototyping: The journey and the ripple effect of knowledgeability

Anita Kocsis

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In the age of acceleration, the challenges we face can no longer be addressed in silos. We are required to interact more with diverse disciplines, synthesise mass and complex data and in so doing navigate across communities of practice. Prototypes and prototyping can convert intangible, abstract and yet to be imagined concepts into concrete and meaningful outcomes. The cases in this discussion consider how prototyping in teams encourages social interaction and insight into other disciplinary expertise. Prototyping brokers how people communicate in teams. This article examines how prototyping reflects the collective problem-solving journey and how individuals navigate a shift from their own expertise to that of the team in the pursuit of building a collective new knowledge. Prototypes and prototyping reflect the journey and demonstrate how the process of doing, itself, is a catalyst for developing core skills, mindset and language fit for the task of problem solving.


Prototyping; Design Innovation; Social Dynamics; Knowledgeability; Interdisciplinary; Co-creation

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Kocsis, Anita. “Prototyping: The Journey and the Ripple Effect of Knowledgeability.” Fusion Journal, no. 18, 2020, pp. 60-70.

First published online: July 2019

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