The invisible communicator: A vocal workshop

Angela Punch McGregor

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The human voice is at once visible yet formless. These exercises form part of my current voice pedagogy. They are examples of an evolving curriculum to treat the human voice as both a tangible and formless entity. The exercises mapped below are accompanied by a basic content and delivery style and a brief overview of perhaps why the activity has proved beneficial. The tangibility of the voice is observed by watching bodily signals but what happens on the inside is more mysterious. So how to integrate the physical with the metaphysical into vocal training? My work as voice coach is constantly attending to this conundrum: applying the exercises that might address the physical complexities, but also integrating such work into the larger metaphysical expression of the human voice. This workshop is an example of some ideas that might support a stronger link to physical training with psychic release. This ongoing exploration springs from a desire to better understand the vocal constraints that beset our acting students towards open free vocal expression.


Soul; Foundations; Hidden; Invisibility; Tangibility; Constraints; Catharsis; Metaphysical; Conundrum; Psychic release; Curriculum; Yoga; Transcendence; Protective patterns; Intercostal structures

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Punch McGregor, Angela. “The Invisible Communicator: A Vocal Workshop.” Fusion Journal, no. 17, 2020, pp. 150-154.

First published online: April 2020

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